What is Triptico?

Triptico is an ever-growing collection of engaging, adaptable, interactive resources for educators.

Designed and created by David Riley for use in his own classroom, the resources give you the power to add interactivity to your teaching and can be customised with ease to suit any subject, age range (from pre-school to university) and level of learning.

This brand new version of the popular Triptico app also offers the opportunity to subscribe to Triptico Plus. In doing so, you'll be supporting the future development of the app - as well as gaining access to lots of exciting bonus resources and features!

Here's a short video introduction to the Triptico app:



Installing the App

The installer below will guide you through the simple process of adding the free Triptico Plus app and free resources to your desktop.

If you would like to make the app available across a whole school or organisation, then please contact us for information about our 'network-friendly' version of the app and site licence.

Chrome Users: If you have difficulties installing the app then please try visiting the site with a different web browser.


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